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“After fitting the wheel hubs onto the rims, you’ll prepare the windscreen by fixing the glass into the trim. You’ll then place the
“In rodaggio” sticker onto the glass, ready for the windscreen to be installed in the final stage.”




Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic or stickers.


Installing the Hub Caps

Step 1

Retrieve your four Hub Caps from Stage 96. Press a Hub Cap onto the raised circular ridge in the center of each of the four Wheels.

If you find any of these fitments tight, use a hobby knife to remove any excess paint inside each Hub Cap:

All four Hub Caps are installed in the same way:

Preparing the Windscreen

Step 2

Place the Windscreen Trim on your work surface face down (with this recessed edge lip and pins facing up), as shown:

All of the Double-Sided Adhesive (Windscreen) stickers have numeric designations. There are two of each type – one is a spare:

Peel each sticker from the backing paper and apply them around the Windshield Trim in the locations shown here:

Using sharp point tweezers will make this process much easier:

Step 3

Carefully peel the white backing paper from all fourteen Double-Sided Adhesive (Windscreen) stickers, leaving the adhesive layer behind:

Step 4

Gently peel the transparent protective sheet from the Windscreen.

I peeled the green sheet off first, but I don’t think it matters as both sides of the Windscreen are the same. To prevent fingerprints, handle this Windscreen by the edges or wear some vinyl gloves as I do:

Starting at the top corners, carefully fit the Windscreen into the Windshield Trim and press it onto the Adhesive strips.

The Windscreen is flat but very flexible plastic, so you will need to gently form it into the shape of the Trim, as shown:

Step 5

Gently peel the green protective sheet from the Windscreen.

Again, I did these in reverse, so I peeled off the transparent film here:

Step 6

Turn the Windshield upright and make sure the outer surface is dust/lint free. Then, peel the backing paper from the ‘In Rodaggio’ Sticker from the backing paper and apply the Sticker to the Windshield at the upper-right corner, as shown.

Fun Fact: The In Rodaggio or ‘Running In’  sticker on a Lamborghini signifies that this specific car has been successfully road-tested at the factory.

Again, using tweezers will help a lot here:


That was a lot of stickers to install! But, the Windshield looks great and I can’t wait to mount it. We will need the unused Double-Sided Adhesive (Windscreen Trim) in the next stage, so keep them nearby.

Next Up

 Stage 100 – Front Number Plate/Holder, Bertone Logo/Script, Windscreen Wipers/Nozzles, Chassis Plate, Shims

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