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“In this stage you’ll fit the four wheels of your model to the wheel hubs and add the beautifully detailed Bertone logo and script to the left-hand side of the body.”




Materials: The Rim is metal, the Tyre is rubber, and the other parts are plastic.


Attaching the Wheels

Step 1

As with the previous wheels, squeeze the Rim into the center of the Tyre as shown. Ensure it is fully seated all the way around.

Take care not to the damage the tiny chromed valve stem detail on the Wheel Rim:

Step 2

Retrieve your Body assembly from the previous stage and your three previously assembled Wheels from Stage 02, Stage 37, and Stage 89. Note how the inside of each Wheel Rim has these two notches…

… and each Brake Disc has matching tabs:

Step 3

Fit one Wheel assembly to the Left Front Brake Disc, rotating it to engage the tabs into the notches. The Wheel should rotate the Disc:

Secure this Wheel into place with one (1) Type I screw.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal. The tighter this screw is, the harder it will be for the wheel to turn:

Step 4

In the same way, attach another Wheel to the Left Rear Brake Disc and secure it into place with one (1) more Type I screw:

Step 5

One the right side of the car, secure the remaining two Wheels to the Brake Discs with two (2) more Type I screws – one for each Wheel.

NOTE: If you do not want to wait, the Hub Caps can be installed now if you so choose. See Stage 99 for details.

Adding the Bertone Logo

Step 6

Gently press the two pins of the Bertone Script into the matching holes at this location on the left side of the Central Bodywork, as shown:

Step 7

Carefully cut the Bertone Logo from the sprue at these points.

I recommend using sprue cutters or a sharp hobby knife here:

Press the two pins of the Bertone Logo into the matching smaller holes at this same location of the Central Bodywork, as shown:


With the Wheels finally installed, our model is looking more and more like the beautiful real Miura! If you chose not to install them here, keep the Hub Caps nearby as they will be installed at the end of the build.

Next Up

 Stage 97 – Bottom Floor Panel, Battery Compartment with Switch, Battery Compartment Cover, Extension Cable

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