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“Next you’ll fit the speaker into the boot compartment and then install it in the rear body. Afterwards, you’ll attach the characteristic rear window grille of your Lamborghini Miura.”




Materials: Both of the parts in this stage are plastic.


Installing the Speaker and Boot Cover

Step 1

Retrieve your Boot Compartment, Speaker, Speaker Bracket and screws from the previous stage. Feed the plug of the Speaker through this square hole in the Compartment, as shown:

Fit the Speaker into this matching recess of the Compartment, with the wires leading through the gap in the recess as shown:

Step 2

Fit the Speaker Bracket over the Speaker, with the wedge opening in the Bracket over the solder joints, and align the screw holes over the matching posts of the Compartment as shown:

Secure the Speaker Bracket to the Compartment with two (2) Type B screws:

Fitting the Boot Compartment

Step 3

Retrieve your Boot Compartment Cover and Rear Body Hinge from the previous stage. Place the Cover over the Speaker (with the smooth side up) with the narrower end towards the rear of the Compartment, as shown.

This Cover is wedge shaped and will only fit flush when installed the right way:

Step 4

Firmly press the two angled pins of the Rear Body Hinge into these matching holes on the bottom of the Compartment, making sure the Hinge itself is angled towards the Reverse Light, as shown:

Step 5

Retrieve your Rear Body assembly from the previous stage and place it upside down on a soft cloth. After moving the Rear Light LED wires out of the way, fit the Boot Compartment to the inside of the Rear Body as shown:

Secure the Boot Compartment to the Rear Body with two (2) Type A screws (supplied with Stage 93) .

NOTE: Older versions of the instructions did not mention securing this Boot Compartment in any way, but it has since been corrected.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Fitting the Window Grille

Step 6

Fit the Rear Reinforcement Structure into the Rear Body and align the two rounded screw tabs into the matching recesses of the Body Bulkheads on either side.

The crossbars of the Rear Reinforcement Structure should be farther away from you here, closer to the body opening as shown:

Secure the Reinforcement Structure into place with two (2) Type B screws, one on each side:

Step 7

Turn your Rear Body right side up and note these four slots around the large opening:

With the Rear Window Grille openings facing towards the back, firmly press the four tabs of the Grille into these same slots, as shown.

It is recommended to start with the rear tabs of the Grille and then insert the front tabs:


We now have a trunk in our Miura, who knew!? I love how this Window Grille looks, it just adds that early supercar touch!

Next Up

 Stage 95 – Rear Wheel Arches

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