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“You’ll now assemble the boot compartment, which houses the speaker for your model, using the parts provided and those from the
previous stage. You’ll also fit the rear lights into the rear body.”




Materials: The non-electrical parts in this stage are plastic.


Assembling the Boot Compartment

The parts supplied in this stage will not be needed until the next stage, so keep them nearby for now:

Step 1

Retrieve all of your parts and screws supplied with the previous stage. Peel the backing paper from the Adhesive Cover and adhere the Cover into this matching recess of the Boot Compartment:

Step 2

Press the pins of the Reverse Light Glass into the matching holes of the Reverse Light Support, as shown:

Press the pins of the Reverse Light Support into the matching holes at this location on the Boot Compartment, noting the orientation shown:

Step 3

Turn the Boot Compartment over and fit the Boot Profile to this side of the Compartment. The recessed holes of the Profile fit over these rounded tabs of the Compartment (circled below), as shown:

Secure the Boot Profile to the Boot Compartment with two (2) Type B screws, one on each side as shown:

Installing the Rear Lights

Step 4

Retrieve your Rear Light LEDs from Stage 89 and Stage 90, your Rear Light Housing assemblies from Stage 91, and your Rear Light Lenses from the previous stage:

Step 5

Retrieve your Rear Body assembly from the previous stage. Press the two Rear Light Housings into the matching openings, as shown:

Secure these Housings into place from the inside with two (2) Type B screws, one on each side.

These Type B screws were supplied with Stage 89 and Stage 90:

Step 6

Push the bulb of a Rear Light LED into the matching hole of each Rear Light Housing, as shown.

These LEDs are identical, so either one can be used on each side. If the fitment is loose, a drop of super glue can be used to hold them in place:

Step 7

Press the tabs of each Rear Light Lens into the matching outside slots of each Rear Light Housing:

Make sure these Lenses are fully seated and aligned correctly, as shown:


These tail light LEDs will be triggered by the Brake Pedal Switch we installed much earlier in the build. Keep the rest of the unused parts nearby as they will be needed soon.

Next Up

 Stage 94 – Rear Reinforcement Structure, Rear Window Grille

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