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“In this stage, you’ll assemble the rear number plate and fit it, along with the grille and number plate lights, to the rear body. The parts supplied will be used in the next stage and can be kept aside for now.”




Materials: The Adhesive Cover is felt and the other parts in this stage are plastic.

Assembly Guide (Digital Version – click to download)

Agora Models consolidates the build instructions for Pack 12 (Stages 92 – 100) into a single digital PDF file:


The parts supplied in this stage will not be needed until the next two stages, so keep them nearby for now:

Fitting the Rear License Plate Lights and Boot Lock

Step 1

Retrieve your License Plate Lights, License Plate Light Glass, and Boot Lock parts from Stage 90. Note how the License Plate Light Glass parts have a long edge with rounded corners and long edge with square corners.:

Press the two pins of each License Plate Light Glass into the matching holes of each License Plate Light so the square corners of the Glass are facing the silver part of the Lights, as shown.

Test fit these as you go. You may need to clean out the holes in the Lights with a sharp hobby knife for better fit:

Step 2

Retrieve your Rear Body assembly from the previous stage. Fit the pin and post of each License Plate Light into the matching holes at these locations at the back of the Rear Body. Ensure the Glass of each Light is facing towards the center, as shown:

Secure these Lights into place from the other side with two (2) Type B screws, one for each Light.

These Type B screws were supplied with Stage 90:

Step 3

Finally, press the D-shaped pin of the Boot Lock into this matching hole of the Rear Body:

Fitting the Rear Grille

Step 4

Retrieve all of your parts and screws supplied in the previous stage. With the Rear Body upside down on a soft cloth, fit the Rear Grille into this matching opening aligning the four mounting tabs to the posts as shown:

Secure the Rear Grille to the Rear Body with four (4) Type D screws, two on each side as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Once installed, the upper edge of this Rear Grille should stick out a bit from the Rear Body:

Fitting the Rear License Plate

Step 5

Press the four pins on the License Plate into the inner set of matching holes in the License Plate Frame, noting the orientation of the Frame tabs (circled below):

In the same way, press the four pins on the License Plate Frame Trim into the outer set of holes in the License Plate Frame, as shown:

Step 6

Fit the two posts of the License Frame assembly into the matching holes at this location on the back of the Rear Body, as shown:

Secure the License Plate to the Rear Body from the inside with two (2) Type B screws:


The rear of our Miura is coming along quite nicely! We will soon install the tail lights and even some brand decals as we complete the model. Keep the unused Rear Light Lenses nearby as they will be needed in the next stage.

Next Up

 Stage 93 – Boot Compartment Cover, Speaker/Bracket, Rear Body Hinge

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