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“In this stage you receive the beautiful rear body section for your Miura. Store it away for now, as you’ll finish working on the grilles for the front body assembly. The parts supplied with this stage can be stored away until they are needed later.”




Materials: This Rear Body is metal.


The part supplied in this stage will not be needed until Stage 90, so keep it stored somewhere safe for now:

Installing the Second Front Grille

Step 1

Retrieve your Bonnet Fixed Upper Grille and Fixing Spring from Stage 85. With the Upper Grille positioned as seen below, clip it down onto the Fixing Spring as shown.

The longer end of the Spring faces the front of the Grille. Position the Spring as close to the center of the Grille as possible:

Step 2

Retrieve your Front Body assembly from the previous stage. Clip this Upper Grille into the remaining grille opening by gently squeezing the ends of the Fixing Spring until they pass through the opening.

I recommend using some tweezers or a small flathead screwdriver to move the Spring ends into place and prevent scratching the paint. Start with the longer end of the Spring first, then latch the shorter end:

This is how the Fixing Spring holds the Grille in place when seen from below:

Installing the Headlight Eyelashes

Step 3

Retrieve your Headlight Eyelashes, also from Stage 85. The left and right sides are the same, but the upper and lower lashes are different:

Press the pins of an upper and lower set of Headlight Eyelashes into the matching holes around the left Headlight opening, as shown:

In the same way, press the pins of the other set of Eyelashes into the matching holes around the right Headlight opening, as shown:

Installing the Bonnet Reinforcement Structure

Step 4

Retrieve your Bonnet Reinforcement Structure from Stage 84. Carefully set the Front Body upside down on a soft cloth and fit the Structure inside of it, aligning the screw holes at these locations:

Secure this Structure to the Front Body with two (2) Type A screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


Other than the missing front logo, I think this is how the front end of our Miura is going to look like. Very sharp!

Next Up

 Stage 89 – Body Bulkheads, Left Brake Light Housing/Reflector/LED

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