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“For the last stage of this Pack, you’ll assemble the headlights for your model using the pieces supplied with Stage 79. The bag of parts supplied with this stage can be kept in a safe place until they are needed in a later stage.”




Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


The parts supplied in this stage will not be needed until the next pack arrives, so keep them stored somewhere safe for now:

Assembling the Headlights

Step 1

Retrieve all of your parts supplied with Stage 79. Note the design on the front of each Headlight Lens, specifically where this ‘box’ is:

Step 2

Press the two tabs of a Headlight Lens completely into the matching slots of a Headlight Housing. The ‘box’ mentioned in the previous step should be orientated closer the longer side of the Housing (with the mounting post and pin), as shown.

Both Lenses and Housings are the same, so it does not matter which you use here:

Squeeze these parts together around the edges of the Headlight Lens until the Lens is flush with the Housing:

Step 3

Repeat this process to install the other Headlight Lens into the other Headlight Housing:

Step 4

Press a Headlight LED into the hole on the back of one of the Headlight Housings.

I recommend gripping the wires behind the LED and using your fingernails to push the LED fully into the hole. On my model, I also aligned the pins of my LEDs to be parallel to the top and bottom of the Housing, as shown:

Repeat this process to install the second Headlight LED into the other Headlight Housing:

Step 5

Fit the pin and post of one Headlight Housing into the matching holes at one end of the Headlight Support:

Secure this Headlight Housing into place from below with one (1) Type B screw (these screws were supplied with Stage 79):

Secure the other Headlight Housing at the opposite end of the Headlight Support in the same way, using one (1) more Type B screw:


These Headlights will be able to raise and lower on our model, just like the real Miura. Keep the two tiny Support Plates (also from Stage 79) stored safely until the next stage arrives.

Next Up

 Stage 83 – Right Front Wheel Arch, Right Front Fog Light Lens/Body, Right Front Indicator

2 thoughts on “STAGE 82”

  1. I’ve been reading some posts regarding gaps in the body of the car as the trunk and hood areas meet up to the center body section. I even made such a comment on the World of Wayne channel where it looked like the trunk area did not have a tight seem as you get with the doors closed.
    I’d be interested if you have similar result and your thoughts.

    1. I will see if I have this issue when the body sections are attached and share anything I learn along the way.

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