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“In this stage you are supplied with the beautiful front of the Miura’s body. This will be fitted onto the model in a later stage, so store it away safely for now. You’ll need the parts supplied with Stage 77 to begin building the reinforcement structure for supporting the front body.”




Materials: This Front Body is metal.


The Front Body supplied in this stage will not be needed until we receive the next pack, so keep it stored somewhere safe for now:

Building the Bonnet Reinforcement Structure (1)

Step 1

Retrieve all of the parts supplied with Stage 77. Take special note of this recessed notch of the Bonnet Central Crossbar:

Then, lay all of the parts out on your work surface as shown, again noting the orientation of the notch in the Crossbar:

Step 2

Press the pins on either end of the Central Crossbar into the matching holes of each Bonnet Side Crossbar, and capture the pins and posts of the Bonnet Inner Bulkhead between the Side Crossbars, as shown.

On my model, I needed to use a sanding stick to sand off the flashing (extra plastic) on the pins of the Central Crossbar to make it fit correctly:

Then, all of the parts fit together as expected. Again, note the orientation of the notch in the Central Crossbar:

Step 3

Secure the Bonnet Side Crossbars to the Bonnet Inner Bulkhead with two (2) Type B screws (supplied with Stage 77), one on each side.

Look closely at this picture to make sure your parts are correctly assembled:


This assembly will soon be installed onto the underside of the front Bonnet (hood). The large round hole in the Inner Bulkhead will fit around the fuel Tank Cap we have already installed on the Front Frame.

Next Up

 Stage 81 – Bonnet Support Brackets/Grille Support, Internal Frame Detail, Bonnet Hinges

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