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“In the final stage for this pack, the spare wheel is assembled and fitted into its housing.”




Materials: The Wheel Rim is metal, the Pirelli Tyre is rubber, and the Spare Wheel Support is plastic.


Assembling and Fitting the Spare Wheel

Step 1

Squeeze the Wheel Rim into the center of the Pirelli Tyre (Tire) as shown. Ensure it is fully seated all the way around.

Take care not to the damage the tiny chromed valve stem detail on the Wheel Rim. Unlike many of my other vehicle partwork models, I surprisingly did not have to warm this tire up in order to fit it over the wheel.

Step 2

Retrieve your Front Frame assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Spare Wheel Support over the two posts at this location on the Front Frame Cover, as shown:

Secure the Spare Wheel Support into place with two (2) Type B screws:

Step 3

Carefully press the Spare Wheel assembly down onto the upright post of the Spare Wheel Support until it snaps into place. Try not to put pressure on the plastic Front Frame Cover as it may be damaged – use the metal Front Frame instead:


This stage completes Pack 9 of our Lamborghini Miura build. There are still a few details to add to our Front Frame assembly, but it is mostly finished at this point. I am quite impressed with the results so far!

Next Up

 Stage 75 – Fuel Pumps/Bracket, Front Frame Reinforcement Plates, Fittings, Tubes

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