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“In this stage you’ll install the reservoirs for the clutch and brake fluid to the frame, along with the left relay box, the indicator  intermittence system, and the wiper motor.”




Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic.


Adding Essential Parts to the Frame (1)

Step 1

Note how the Relay Box has this small ledge with two pins on it:

Retrieve your Front Frame assembly from the previous stage. With the pins at the top, press this Relay Box into the matching holes at this location of the Front Frame as shown:

Step 2

The two Clutch/Brake Liquid Reservoirs are different – one has two pins and the other has two matching posts. These pins will fit into the posts, passing through the Reservoir Plate:

First, push the pins of the Clutch/Brake Liquid Reservoir through the side of the Reservoir Plate from the side with the small ledge, as shown:

Then, press the pins into the posts of the other Clutch/Brake Liquid Reservoir, capturing the Reservoir Plate in between as shown:

Step 3

With the small ledge facing forward, press the pins of the Reservoir Plate into the matching holes at this left-side location of the Front Frame:

Step 4

The Indicator Intermittence System (relay) has white pad printing on it. This will help to install it the correct way:

Press the two pins of the Indicator Intermittence System into the matching holes at this left-side location of the Front Frame:

Step 5

Locate this keyed posts on the Wiper Motor. This will orient the Wiper Motor in the correct position:

Press the keyed post of the Wiper Motor into the matching hole at this left-side location of the Front Frame:


More details! This is quickly becoming one of my most favorite partwork builds!

Next Up

 Stage 73 – Bonnet Support Buffers, Relax Box, Bonnet Hooks, Voltage Regulator

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