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“In this stage you’ll assemble the radiator panel and fit it in place on the front frame assembly.”




Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic.


Assembling and Fixing the Radiator Panel

Step 1

Retrieve all of your parts supplied in the previous stage. Note the design of the two Cooling Fans – each blade has a sharp corner (red arrows) and a angled corner (yellow arrows). They should be laid out as shown as this is the position they will be installed:

Place the two Cooling Fans onto the Upper Radiator Panel, aligning them to the large center holes as shown:

Step 2

Fit the posts of the Fan Support Grilles through the center of each Cooling Fan and press the two side pins of each Fan Support Grille into the matching holes of the Upper Radiator Panel. Note the proper orientation of these Grilles to the Panel.

To make this alignment easier, I actually pressed the peg of the Fan Support Grilles into each Cooling Fan first. Note the ‘open’ side of the Fan Support Grille (circled below) is on the left here:

Then, I could just push the two pins of each Fan Support Grille assembly into the Upper Radiator Grille, as shown:

Secure the Fan Support Grilles into place from behind with two (2) Type B screws:

Step 3

Firmly press the six pins of the Lower Radiator Panel into the matching posts on the inside of the Upper Radiator Panel, as shown.

These pins are offset so they will only line up when this is correctly fitted together:

Step 4

Retrieve your Front Frame assembly from the previous stage. Fit the two rounded tabs of this Radiator assembly over the matching posts at the bottom front ledge of the Front Frame, as shown.

It may seem like the two Fan Support Grilles are going to come into contact with the triangular center section of the Front Crossbar. Not to worry, there are Radiator Tie Rods coming up in the next stage that will keep this from happening:

Secure the Radiator assembly to the Front Frame with two (2) Type S screws.

Using a long thin screwdriver is quite helpful here. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


Both of these Fan Support Grilles have tiny, white pad printed markings on them. This model has so many details like this – I love it!

Next Up

 Stage 71 – Left/Right Radiator Pipes, Radiator Tie Rods

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