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“For this stage you’ll assemble and fit the front crossbar onto the frame assembly. You’ll also thread the battery cables through to the underside of the frame. The parts supplied with this stage can be stored away until they are needed later.”




Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic.


The parts supplied in this stage will not be needed until the next stage, so keep them stored somewhere safe for now:

Attaching the Front Crossbar

Step 1

Retrieve all of your parts supplied in the previous stage. Press the small rectangular hole of the Fuse Box onto the tab at this location of the Front Crossbar, as shown.

Note the proper orientation of this Fuse Box in relation to the Front Crossbar:

Press the rectangular hole of the Relay Box onto the next tab over on the Front Crossbar, as shown.

Again, not the proper orientation of this Relay Box in relation to the Front Crossbar:

Step 2

Press the D-shaped pin of the Battery Disconnect Switch into the matching hole at this forward location of the Front Crossbar:

Step 3

Retrieve your Front Frame assembly from the previous stage. Locate the free ends of the two battery Cables (from Stage 54). Route both of these Cables down and through the space between the Front Frame and the Front Frame Cover on each side, as shown.

Tweezers or a small flat-head screwdriver can help move the Front Frame Cover aside and make enough space to feed these Cables through:

Step 4

Fit your Front Crossbar assembly to the forward edge of the Front Frame, aligning the two holes to the posts on either side of the Battery.

This Front Crossbar should sit flush with the side rails of the Front Frame, as shown:

Secure the Front Crossbar into place with two (2) Type A screws.

The Type A screws needed here were supplied in the previous stage. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


I have no idea where these battery Cables are going to end up. However, I do enjoy that we are adding small details to this Front Frame area. All of these small bits add authenticity to our Miura model!

Next Up

 Stage 69 – Lower Radiator Panel, Fan Support Grille, Cooling Fan

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