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“In this stage you’ll fit the two halves of the front left brake disc together and prepare the front wheels hubs for fitting to the suspension.”




Materials: The two Wheel Hubs are metal and the two Angle Drives are plastic.


Assembling the Wheel Hubs and the Front Left Brake Disc

Step 1

Retrieve all of your parts supplied with the previous stage. Firmly press the three pins of the Front Left Brake Disc (Outer) into the matching holes of the Front Left Brake Disc (Inner), as shown:

TIP: Since we are not using the Front Left Brake Caliper parts from the previous stage in this stage, I removed the Front Left Wheel Hub from its bag (marked ‘L’) and placed the Front Left Brake Caliper parts in it for now. I also recommend keeping the Wheel Hub bag marked ‘R’ for storing the right-side brake parts included in the next stage:

Step 2

The two Wheel Hubs are shipping in marked bags, but just in case, this picture should help show which one is which:

Press the large D-shaped post of the Angle Drive (Left) into the matching opening on the back of the Front Left Wheel Hub, as shown:

Repeat this process with the Angle Drive (Right) and the Front Right Wheel Hub, as shown:


On the real car, I believe these Angle Drive parts are actually the speedometer impulse generators (and there was probably only one on the driver’s side). Still, it is just another great detail on our Miura model! Keep the unused Type F screws here for the next stage.

Next Up

 Stage 66 – Front Right Brake Disc/Caliper

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