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“The last stage for this pack involves assembling the steering rack and damper then fitting them in place on the front frame assembly. Once installed, you’ll attach the left and right steering arm to the rack. The parts supplied with this stage can be stored away for now.”




Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic.


The parts supplied in this stage will not be needed until the next stage, so keep them stored somewhere safe for now:

Installing the Steering Rack, Damper, and Arms

Installing the Steering Rack and Damper
Step 1

Retrieve all of your parts and hardware supplied in the previous stage. Push the two pins of the Steering Damper into the matching holes at this location on the Steering Rack, as shown.

The pins and holes of these parts are different sizes, so this will only fit correctly one way:

Step 2

Retrieve your Front Frame assembly from the previous stage. Fit the two posts on the bottom of the Steering Rack down into this slot of the Front Frame, as shown.

Before installation, I recommend pre-threading the two bottom posts of this Steering Rack using a couple of Type A screws and some 3-in-One Oil:

As we fit this Steering Rack into the Front Frame, note how the teeth of the rack (circled below) mesh with the gear on the end of the Steering Column

You may need to slide one end of the Steering Rack through the holes in the Front Frame first, then lower the rack into place:

When installed correctly, the two bottom posts of the Steering Rack should be located in this slot:

Slide Washers over the ends of two (2) Type A screws:

While holding the Steering Rack in place, carefully turn the Front Frame assembly over. Then, secure the Steering Rack into place with the two Type A screws/washers.

Do not overtighten these screws. They should be tight enough to keep the Steering Rack in place, but loose enough to let it slide along the slot:

Installing the Steering Arms
Step 3

Turn the Front Frame assembly right side up again, then twist the Steering Column so the Steering Rack slides fully to the left, as shown:

Slide the smaller eyelet of the Right Steering Arm into the right end of the Steering Rack, making sure the circular ridge on the larger eyelet of the Steering Arm is facing up, as shown.

NOTE: The two Steering Arms are not the same – the Left Steering Arm is shorter than the Right Steering Arm. With my model, they came in separately marked ‘L’ and ‘R’ bags. This is the Right Steering Arm and I have circled the proper orientation of the larger eyelet:

Secure the Steering Arm to the Steering Rack with one (1) Type N screw.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 4

Repeat this process with the Left Steering Arm on the other side of the Steering Rack, again using one (1) Type N screw.

As before, make sure the circular ridge on the larger eyelet of this Left Steering Arm is facing up, as shown:

To add a bit of color to these steering parts, I used my Silver, Gold, and Bronze Metallic Sharpies to color various bolt heads:


It is interesting how this model’s steering system works. The small gear on the end of our Steering Column engages with teeth molded into the Steering Rack, sliding it left and right. However, on the real car, this steering rack would be bolted to the chassis and not move. Anyway, keep all of the Horn components supplied with this stage stored safely until the next pack arrives.

Next Up

 Stage 59 – Frame Reinforcement Cross Member, Windscreen Washer Reservoir, Horn Actuator Body/Cover

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