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“For this stage the front frame cover assembled in the previous stage is fixed in place. The parts supplied here will be used in the next stage.”




Materials: The Steering Rack, both Steering Arms, and the Washers are metal. The Steering Damper is plastic.


Fixing the Front Frame Cover

Step 1

Retrieve your Front Frame and Front Frame Cover assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Front Frame Cover into the Front Frame, aligning the three screw holes to the posts underneath.

There is a post under the Battery area and two holes at the rear of the Front Frame Cover that match up to posts of the Front Frame, as shown:

When fitting this Front Frame Cover assembly, make sure the Steering Column underneath is located properly, as shown:

Step 2

Begin securing these parts together using one (1) Type B screw under the Battery.

The instructions would have you install this screw later, but I found it better to do this one first:

Finish securing the Cover assembly to the Frame from above with two (2) Type A screws, as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


Another stage where we don’t use the parts included, it is such an odd arrangement! But, we do have a large chunk of the forward chassis of our Miura underway. This is going to be a beautiful build!

Next Up

 Stage 58 – Horns, Horn Rear Caps/Support

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