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“The front frame and screws supplied here will be used in the next stage. First, you’ll need to assemble the battery and fit it to
the front frame cover.”




Materials: This Front Frame is metal.


Assembling the Battery and Fitting it to the Front Frame Cover

Step 1

Retrieve all of your Battery parts supplied back in Stage 54. Press the two pins of the Battery Cover into the matching posts of the Battery Body, as shown:

Step 2

The two Terminal Posts are not the same – the two tiny screw details on the Negative post are farther apart, as seen here:

Push the thicker pins of these Terminal Posts into the matching holes on top of the Battery Cover, orientating them as shown:

Step 3

Slide a Cable onto the thin pin of each Terminal Post, as shown.

On my model, these Cables did not want to slide onto the pins easily. Try soaking the end of the Cables in hot water for a minute to soften them up:

Step 4

Fit the pins of the Battery Handles into the matching front/rear holes of the Battery Cover.

These Battery Handles have trapezoidal ends on them. These raised sections need to face down towards the Battery Cover:

When fitted correctly, the cross bar of each Handle will rest in a groove on the Cover, as shown:

Just to add a bit of color to these Terminal Posts, I used my Artistro Paint Pens to color the ‘bolts’ of the terminals black and red, as shown:

Step 5

Retrieve all of your parts from the previous stage. Fit the two posts on the bottom of the Battery assembly to the matching holes at this location at the front of the Front Frame Cover, as shown:

Secure the Battery assembly into place from below with two (2) Type B screws:

Installing the Steering Column into the Front Frame Cover
Step 1

Lay the Steering Column into the two notches of the raised ‘box’ on the underside of the Front Frame Cover. The gear end of the Steering Column faces the Battery and the two discs along the shaft should rest on either side of the ‘box’, as shown.

The gear end of the Steering Column slides down into this long slot (arrow below):

Fit the Bracket over the box, capturing the Steering Column as shown:

Secure the Bracket into place with one (1) Type B screw.

It is recommended not to tighten this screw too much or else the Steering Column may not be able to rotate. However, once I installed this Bracket (even loosely), my Steering Column was quite difficult to turn. Therefore, I removed the Bracket and Steering Column and sanded the paint from the edges of the Steering Column discs and shaft that made contact with the ‘box’. This greatly helped the Steering Column rotate much easier:

While that step completes this stage, here is the unused Front Frame supplied this time:


Our Battery is now installed and we have begun work on the steering system. This (and the last few stages) have been odd. We receive a few parts, but instead worked on parts we already had. This stage is no different, so keep the Front Frame from this stage nearby. Many of these assemblies will come together in the next two stages.

Next Up

 Stage 57 – Steering Rack/Damper, Left/Right Steering Arms

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