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“Using parts supplied in the previous stage, you’ll stick covers over the visible screws of the interior roof panel and then begin to assemble the rear window. The parts supplied with this stage can be stored away until they are needed later.”




Materials: Other than the vinyl Cables, all of these parts are plastic.


Working on the Interior Roof Panel and Rear Window

The Interior Roof Panel
Step 1

Retrieve your Central Bodywork assembly from Stage 48 and place it upside down on a soft surface.  Using the Screw Cover Stickers provided in the previous stage, cover the four exposed screws of the Interior Roof Panel.

Remember, two of these screws are behind the Sun Visors:

The Rear Window
Step 1

Retrieve your Rear Window Support and Double-sided Tape from the previous stage. Four of these Tape strips are straight and two of them are slightly curved.

With my model, I received two identical sheets of Tape. This is likely just in case we make a mistake:

Peel two curved strips from the sheet and place them inside the ends of the recessed edge of the Rear Window Support.

I used tweezers here to place this Double-sided Tape:

In the same way, peel six straight strips from the sheet and place them inside the top/bottom of the edge of the Rear Window Support:

With these Tape strips now in place, carefully remove the backing paper from each to expose the adhesive:

Step 2

Retrieve your Rear Window from the previous stage. Note that there is a slight curvature to this Rear Window that matches the shape of the Rear Window Support:

When handling clear ‘glass’ parts like this, I tend to put on a pair of vinyl gloves to prevent fingerprints:

Carefully remove the protective film found on one side of the Window.

Carefully fit this Rear Window into the matching recess of the Rear Window Support (aligning the curvatures together), and then gently press the edges into place:


This Rear Window is made of a very soft plastic, so take care handling it to prevent any damage to it. Interestingly enough, we did not use any of the Battery parts supplied in this stage. However, keep them nearby as they will be assembled in Stage 56.

Next Up

 Stage 55 – Front Frame Cover, Steering Column, Bracket

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