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“You’ll use the safety lock, door handle, cladding panel trim, armrest and a Type B screw supplied this stage, along with the
cladding panel from the last stage, to fit the final components to the right door. The other parts supplied with this stage can be set aside until they are needed later.”




Materials: The Cross Frame Firewall is metal, the Cladding Panel Trim is carpet, and the rest of these parts are plastic.


Fitting the Right Door Cladding

Step 1

Retrieve your Cladding Panel from the previous stage. Fit the Armrest to the Cladding Panel, aligning the post and pin as shown:

Secure the Armrest into place from the other side with one (1) Type B screw:

Step 2

Press the tab of the Safety Lock into the matching slot of the Cladding Panel, as shown:

Step 3

Press the pin of the Door Handle into this matching recess of the Cladding Panel:

Step 4

Using tweezers, removing the backing paper from this small piece of adhesive tape at the top of the Cladding Panel:

Step 5

Retrieve your Right Door assembly from the previous stage. Press the pins of this Cladding Panel assembly onto the inside of the Right Door until it is seated flush. Make sure to press the adhesive tape into place at the rear tip of the door (arrow below):

Step 6

Press the three posts of the Cladding Panel Trim into the matching holes at the lower edge of the Cladding Panel, as shown:


With this stage behind us, both doors of our Miura are now complete! The rest of the parts supplied here are not used, but will be needed in the next stage so keep them nearby.

Next Up

 Stage 54 – Battery Body/Cover/Handles, Positive/Negative Terminal Posts, Cables

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