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“You’ll be adding the details to the roof panel in this stage, starting with the air vent knob and the interior mirrors. The left sun visor, sun visor support brackets and Type D screws can be kept aside for now.”




Materials: All of the non-electronic parts in this stage are plastic.


Adding Details to the Interior Roof Panel

Step 1

Retrieve your Interior Roof Panel from Stage 47. Gently press the pin of the Air Vent Knob into this hole of the Roof Panel, as shown.

Using too much force on this Air Vent Knob can bend or break the part. If necessary, widen/clear out the hole with a toothpick or hobby knife:

Step 2

Turn the Interior Roof Panel over and fit the Interior Ceiling Light next to the Switch Console, as shown.

You can bend the Roof Panel a little to help this to fit flush:

Check that the two lights of the Interior Ceiling Light are seated in these rectangular holes on the other side of the Roof Panel, as shown:

Step 3

Press the bulb of the Interior Light LED into this hole of the Interior Ceiling Light, then gently bend the leads of the Interior Light LED flat against the Interior Roof Panel and run the wires to the rear, as shown:

To help prevent this LED from possibly shorting on the metal roof, I used a small piece of electrical tape to cover the exposed LED pins:

Step 4

Remove the backing paper from the Rearview Mirror Sticker and stick it into the matching opening of the Rearview Mirror, as shown:

Fit this Rearview Mirror into the hole at this location on the Interior Roof Panel, as shown:

Secure the Rearview Mirror into place from the other side with one (1) Type L screw:

Step 5

The Right Sun Visor has the oval recess in it. Remove the backing paper from the Vanity Mirror Sticker and place it into this recess, as shown.

To prevent damaging or putting fingerprints on the reflective surfaces of these two Mirrors, I skipped removing the protective films after we install the completed Interior Roof Panel in the next stage.


Take care not to damage the delicate parts we have added to our Interior Roof Panel. Likewise, keep the unused Visor Support Brackets, Left Sun Visor and Type D screws nearby until we install them in the next stage.

Next Up

 Stage 50 – Right Door, Right Door Hinge/Bracket/Lock/Handle

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