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“After carefully unpacking the impressive central bodywork, you’ll fit the glass frames from the previous stage to it. You’ll also
need the dashboard assembly from Stage 04 to install the steering wheel column to it.”




Materials: The parts in this stage are plastic.


Fitting Frames to the Central Bodywork

Step 1

Retrieve your two Glass Frames from the previous stage. To determine the left and right Frames, lay them on your work surface with the tabs down, and check the image below:

Step 2

Press the three tabs of the Left Glass Frame into the matching openings along the left window opening of the Central Bodywork, as shown.

When working with painted body parts, it is recommended to have a soft cloth or towel placed under the painted parts on your work surface:

Make sure the two upper tabs of these Frames are seated within the matching recess inside the roof of the Central Bodywork:

Step 3

Repeat the previous step using the Right Glass Frame on the right window opening of the Central Bodywork, as shown:

Installing the Steering Wheel Column

Step 4

Retrieve your Dashboard assembly from Stage 04 and your Steering Column assembly from the previous stage. Place the Dashboard upside down and feed the plugs of the Steering Column assembly through the larger gap at this location, as shown:

Step 5

Slide the flat surface of the steering Column Bottom Cover into the matching recess at this location on the Dashboard, as shown:

Secure the Steering Column assembly to the Dashboard with one (1) Type B screw (supplied back in Stage 46):

Installing the Dashboard LED

Step 6

Retrieve your Dashboard LED from Stage 46. Press the LED bulb into this opening behind the Dashboard, as shown:

How awesome does this Dashboard look? I love it!


Wow, this huge metal Central Bodywork is beautifully painted! The entire interior surface as well as the moldings/sills around the windows and doors are pre-painted flat black. The door latches are painted a shiny silver and even the vents at the rear of the roof panel are darkened. And, of course, the brilliant yellow body color is perfect. I love it! The Central Bodywork will be needed again soon, but the Dashboard assembly can be stored safely until we attach it to the Cockpit Floor in an upcoming stage.

Next Up

 Stage 49 – Interior Light LED/Light, Sun Visors/Brackets, Rearview Mirror/Sticker, Air Vent Knob, Vanity Mirror Sticker

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