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“In this stage you’re supplied with the interior roof panel. After fitting the switch console to the panel, you’ll return to assembling the
steering wheel column.”




Materials: The parts in this stage are plastic.


Starting Work on the Interior Roof Panel

Step 1

Align the six raised switches of the Switch Console into the matching six rectangular holes of the Interior Roof Panel and firmly press the Switch Console into place.

Note the shape of the switches on the Switch Console. The smooth ‘pointy’ end of each switch should be towards the front edge of the Interior Roof Panel once they are installed:

Completing the Steering Column

Step 2

Retrieve your Steering Column and Steering Column Cover assembly from the previous stage. Slide the narrow end of the Steering Column into the Steering Column Cover assembly from this end, taking care to avoid the wiring inside the Covers.

I installed my Steering Column during the previous stage. Otherwise, install it now:

Step 3

Retrieve your Steering Wheel from Stage 01. Note this D-shaped recess on the back of the Steering Wheel:

Press the D-shaped recess of the Steering Wheel onto the matching D-shaped end of the Steering Column, as shown.

When fitted correctly, note how the bottom spoke of the Steering Wheel and the flat surface at the other end of the Steering Column match:

Secure the Steering Wheel to the Steering Column with one (1) Type D screw (supplied in the previous stage).

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 4

Retrieve your Steering Wheel Emblem from Stage 01. Press the three pins of the Emblem into matching holes around the center of the Steering Wheel, as shown:


With this stage behind us, our Steering Column is now finished and ready to be installed in the next stage. Keep the unused Glass Frames nearby as they will also be attached in the next stage. The Interior Roof Panel will be needed again in Stage 49.

Next Up

 Stage 48 – Central Bodywork

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