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“In this stage you’ll begin to assemble the steering wheel column by building the cover which contains the mechanism for
operating the indicators and horn of your model. The steering column and the Type B and D screws will be used in a later stage.”




Materials: This Steering Column and Spring are metal, while the other non-electronic parts are plastic.


Building the Steering Wheel Column

Step 1

Identify the three wired components by the colors of their plugs, as follows:

  • Horn Switch – Black/Blue plug
  • Dashboard LED – White/Yellow plug
  • Indicator Switch – Black/Yellow plug

Step 2

Slide the Indicator Switch (black/yellow plug) into this slot of the Column Top Cover, facing the button inward as shown:

Gently bend the wires of this Indicator Switch over, then route them between the pin and the side of the Column Top Cover and out this notch of the Column Top Cover, as shown:

Step 3

Slide the Horn Switch (black/blue plug) into this slot of the Column Top Cover, facing the button outward as shown:

In the same way as before, gently bend the wires of this Horn Switch over, then route them through the Column Top Cover.

To make sure the routing of these cables would clear the Steering Column, I slid the column into its proper place early and bent the wires around it:

Step 4

Fit the ‘open’ end of the Spring over this pin of the Indicator/Horn Lever, as shown:

Slide the pins of this Indicator/Horn Lever assembly down into this matching location of the Column Top Cover, and ensure the free end of the Spring fits over the button of the Horn Switch, as shown:

Step 5

Fit the Column Bottom Cover to the Column Top Cover, capturing the components inside as shown:

Once installed, check the operation of this Indicator/Horn Lever. Pressing the end of the Indicator/Horn Lever should activate the Horn Switch while tilting the Lever should activate the Indicator Switch. Do not apply too much force to this Lever – it seems like it could bend/break easily:

Secure the Column Covers together with two (2) Type H screws:


We only completed the Steering Column electronics and Covers in this stage, so keep the unused Dashboard LED (and the Type B and Type D screws) nearby as they will be needed in the next two stages.

Next Up

 Stage 47 – Left/Right Glass Frames, Interior Roof Panel, Switch Console

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