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“After adding a few more details to the cockpit, you’ll add the seats for both the driver and passenger. You’ll need the seat supplied with Stage 03.”




Materials: This Seat is hard rubber.


Adding Cockpit Details

Step 1

Retrieve your Cigarette Lighter from the previous stage. Check the silver part of the Lighter for any excess paint and sand it as needed.

This Cigarette Lighter has an angled ‘seat’ on it – I marked it with a line below:

Retrieve your Cockpit Floor from the previous stage. Gently press the silver end of the Cigarette Lighter into the hole at this location on the Central Console.

You may need to rotate the Cigarette Lighter to match the angle of the Central Console (line below), as shown:

Step 2

Retrieve your Footrest and a Type K screw from the previous stage. Push the post of the Footrest through the hole at this location of the Cockpit Floor, orientating it flush as shown:

Secure this Footrest into place from below with the one (1) Type K screw:

Fitting the Seats

Step 3

Retrieve your first Seat from Stage 03. Note these two tall screw posts on the bottom of each Seat.

Both Seats are identical, so you don’t need to distinguish the left and right seats:

Align the posts of one Seat into one pair of these matching holes of the Cockpit Floor

… and press the Seat down into place:

Secure this Seat into place from below with two (2) Type J screws:

Step 4

Repeat the previous step to install the Seat from this stage on the other side of the Cockpit Floor:

Secure this Seat into place from below with two (2) Type J screws:


This stage completes the Cockpit Floor assembly of our Lamborghini Miura model!

Next Up

 Stage 46 – Steering Column/Covers, Spring, Indicator/Horn Lever, Indicator/Horn Switches, Dashboard LED

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