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“In this stage you’ll fit the driver’s pedals into their housing and fix them in place on the cockpit floor. The cigarette lighter and footrest are not needed for this stage, they can be set aside for now.”




Materials: All of the non-electronic parts in this stage are plastic.


Installing the Pedals

Step 1

Set the three Pedals and the Pedal Housing and lay them on your work surface, as shown. Note how the Accelerator Pedal and Brake Pedal both have small angled tab on them:

Gently press the pins on either side of the Accelerator Pedal into the matching groove at this end of the Pedal Housing, as shown:

Next, pivot the Accelerator Pedal so the end of the angled tab pokes through this circular opening. Then, repeat this process to install the Brake Pedal in the same way, next to the Accelerator Pedal.

For clarity, I am only showing the installed Accelerator Pedal here. The Brake Pedal fits next to it in the same way:

Step 2

NOTE: The two Switches supplied in this stage are not the same. They can be identified by the paint dot color on their plugs:

Fit the Accelerator Switch down into this matching recess of the Pedal Housing, as shown:

In the same way, fit the Brake Switch down into this neighboring recess of the Pedal Housing, as shown:

While holding these Switches in place, press the pin of the Pedal Housing Cover into the matching interior post of the Pedal Housing and align the screw hole as shown:

Secure the Pedal Housing Cover into place with one (1) Type K screw:

Ensure this screw is tightened, then test the operation of the two Pedals. Gently pressing each Pedal should activate their respective switch:

Step 3

Carefully press the pin of the Clutch Pedal into the matching hole at this location on the Pedal Housing, orientating it as shown.

You may want to wait to install this Clutch Pedal until the Pedal Housing is mounted to the Cockpit Floor in the next step:

Step 4

Retrieve your Cockpit Floor assembly from the previous stage and turn it upside down. Slide the Pedals of the Pedal Housing down through through this opening on the bottom of the Cockpit Floor.

You may find it easier to insert the Clutch Pedal first, then angle the other two Pedals into place. Take your time here so the Pedals are not bent:

As you fit this, note these two small tabs on the Cockpit Floor (arrows below) that match slots on the sides of the Pedal Housing:

Align the slots of the Pedal Housing to the tabs and attach the Pedal Housing to the Cockpit Floor by firmly and equally pressing it on both sides and into place:

Once installed, the two working Pedals should still be able to operate. If you waited to install the Clutch Pedal, you can do it now:

CAUTION: The solder connections to these pedal Switches are delicate:

While positioning my Cockpit Floor for this stage’s featured image, they both snapped right off:

This required removal of the existing heat-shrink tubing, opening the Pedal Housing, removing the switches, and resoldering the wires back on:


Unlike most other vehicle partwork models I have built, these Pedals pivot from the bottom! Does this Miura feel like a supercar yet? I was especially impressed by the tiny ‘LAMBORGHINI’ text embossed on each pedal. Keep the unused Cigarette Lighter and Footrest parts (and the extra Type K screws) nearby as they will be needed in the next stage.

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 Stage 45 – Driver Seat

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