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“In the last stage for this pack, the central console will have the engine sound switch installed before being fitted onto the  transmission tunnel. You’ll also fit the rear panel assembled in Stage 38.”




Materials: The Headrest is rubberized plastic, the Driver Mat is rubber, and the other parts are plastic.


Installing the Central Console

Step 1

Retrieve your Cockpit Floor assembly from the previous stage. Note these two slots in the center of the back wall:

Retrieve your Transmission Tunnel Rear Panel assembly from Stage 38 and press the tabs of the Rear Panel into these slots until seated flush, as shown:

Step 2

Press the pin of the Wiper Knob into this hole of the Central Console. Once installed, it can be rotated to align the lettering as desired:

Step 3

Fit the Engine Sound Switch into this matching box on the underside of the Central Console. Note the positioning of the wires and how the tab of the switch fits into the slot (arrow below).

There are two small pieces of foam attached to this Switch. These will help keep the Switch in place, so squeeze the foam as you install it:

Once this Switch is in place, carefully bend the wires up and away from the Central Console, as shown:

Step 4

Feed the plug of the Engine Sound Switch through this hole in the Cockpit Floor, as shown:

Step 5

While pulling the wiring through, fit the two posts under the Central Console into the matching holes at this location of the Cockpit Floor:

Turn the Cockpit Floor over and make sure the Switch wiring is not pinched or trapped:

Secure the Central Console to the Cockpit Floor with two (2) Type B screws:

Step 6

The Key fits down into this slot of the Central Console. You may want to store it somewhere safe until the model is completed.

Inserting this Key should trigger the Engine Sound Switch and turn on the engine sounds once we install those components:


My 1:8 scale James Bond Aston Martin DB5 partwork build also came with a small key switch like this model does. I like the idea, but in practice it can be tricky to reach inside the completed car to insert it. We shall see how it all works when we get to that point in our build. Until then, this stage wraps up Pack 5 so until next time, thanks for visiting!

Next Up

 Stage 43 – Gear Lever, Gear Selector Grid, Ashtray Frame, Passenger Handle, Handbrake Lever

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