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“Returning to the cockpit floor, this stage involves adding the rear bonnet lever to the driver’s side along with the footwell mat. You’ll also install the headrests for both the driver and passenger.”




Materials: The Headrest is rubberized plastic, the Driver Mat is rubber, and the other parts are plastic.


Fitting the Headrests and the Driver’s Side Details

IMPORTANT: The tiny Rear Bonnet Lever Knob is in the same bag with the Headrests, so take care not to lose it:

Step 1

Push the Rear Bonnet Lever Knob onto the matching pin of the Rear Bonnet Lever, as shown:

Step 2

Retrieve your Cockpit Floor assembly from Stage 39. Push the tab of the Rear Bonnet Lever assembly into the slot at this rear left location of the Cockpit Floor, orientating it as shown:

Make sure this Rear Bonnet Lever is fully seated into the slot:

Step 3

Remove the backing paper from the Driver Mat, align it to the matching recess at the left front of the Cockpit Floor, and press it firmly into place:

Step 4

Press the two square posts along the bottom edge of the Driver and Passenger Headrests into the matching holes along the rear ledge of the Cockpit Floor. Make sure this is installed facing the correct direction.

These are the two square posts of the Driver and Passenger Headrests:

When installed correctly, this rounded corner of the Headrests should fit around the Rear Bonnet Lever, as shown:

Secure the Headrests to the Cockpit Floor from below with two (2) Type B screws:

Fitting the Transmission Tunnel

Step 5

Retrieve your Transmission Tunnel assembly from the previous stage. Note these two holes and two small slots in the Cockpit Floor:

Fit the posts of the Transmission Tunnel down into the matching holes of the Cockpit Floor. At the same time, press the two tabs of the Tunnel down into the slots as shown:

Secure the Transmission Tunnel into place from below with two (2) Type B screws:


The main components of our Miura interior are coming together quite nicely. We will add more to this assembly in the next few stages.

Next Up

 Stage 42 – Engine Sound Switch, Key, Wiper Knob, Central Console

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