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“Next you’ll prepare the transmission tunnel with the some details: the air vents and a protective cover for the driver’s side.”




Materials: The Transmission Tunnel is flocked plastic, the Air Vents are plastic, and the Side Cover is rubber.


Adding the Air Vents & Side Cover to the Transmission Tunnel

Step 1

Press the D-shaped posts of the two Air Vents into the matching shaped holes of the Transmission Tunnel, as shown.

These Air Vents will snap into place. I found it easier to align the D-shaped posts to the holes by looking at the inside of the Tunnel:

Step 2

Remove the backing paper from the Side Cover, align it to the matching recess of the Transmission Tunnel, and press it firmly into place:


The sides of this Transmission Tunnel are also pre-flocked just like the Cockpit Floor. Beautiful!

Next Up

 Stage 41 – Headrests, Driver Mat, Rear Bonnet Lever & Knob

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