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“This stage contains the cockpit floor for your Lamborghini Miura. You’ll need the passenger mat and footrest supplied with the previous stage to fit them in the cockpit.”




Materials: This Cockpit Floor is flocked plastic.


Fitting the Passenger Mat & Passenger Footrest

Step 1

On the right side of the Cockpit Floor, there are two slots:

Retrieve your Passenger Mat from the previous stage. Note there are two matching slots in this Mat as well:

Remove the backing paper from the Passenger Mat, align both sets of slots together, and press it firmly into place on the Cockpit Floor:

Step 2

Retrieve your Passenger Footrest from the previous stage. Press the two tabs of the Passenger Footrest down through the slots in both the Passenger Mat and the Cockpit Floor, as shown:


I absolutely love that this Cockpit Floor was already flocked for us. It gives the appearance of carpeting and looks superb!

Next Up

 Stage 40 – Transmission Tunnel, Side Cover, Air Vents

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