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“For this stage you will assemble the rear panel of the transmission tunnel by fitting the air vents into it. The passenger mat and footrest will be used in a later stage and can be stored away for now.”




Materials: The Tunnel Rear Panel is rubberized plastic, the Air Vents and Passenger Footrest are plastic, and the Passenger Mat is rubber.


Preparing the Transmission Tunnel Rear Panel

Step 1

Press the D-shaped posts of the two Air Vents into the matching shaped holes of the Transmission Tunnel Rear Panel, as shown.

These Air Vents will snap into place. I found it easier to align the D-shaped posts to the holes by looking at the inside of the Rear Panel:

Optional – Painting Details

To add additional detail to the Anti-Roll Bar we installed in Stage 36, we can use chrome paint to highlight the ‘mounting bolts’, as shown.

I hand-brushed these ‘mounting bolts’ with Vallejo Model Air 71.064 Chrome Metallic acrylic paint, but any silver paint would work here:

Since I had the paint out anyway, I also painted the four ‘bolt heads’ on both of my Rear Upper Wishbones:


This was a short stage, but we have begun the process of building our Lamborghini Miura interior. It is barely noticeable, but the Passenger Footrest has a rubberized and textured surface attached to it – very cool! Keep the unused Passenger Mat and Passenger Footrest nearby for the next stage, but the Rear Panel assembly won’t be installed until Stage 42.

Next Up

 Stage 39 – Cockpit Floor

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