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“This stage involves fitting together the rim and tyre of one of the rear wheels. There’s also an optional step for painting the screws for the horizontal pipe fitted in the previous stage.”

This stage will be a repeat of the process with the first Wheel we built back in Stage 02.



Materials: The Wheel Rim is metal and the Pirelli Tyre is rubber.


Assembling a Rear Tyre

Step 1

Squeeze the Wheel Rim into the center of the Pirelli Tyre (Tire) as shown. Ensure it is fully seated all the way around.

Take care not to the damage the tiny chromed valve stem detail on the Wheel Rim. Unlike many of my other vehicle partwork models, I surprisingly did not have to warm this tire up in order to fit it over the wheel.

Optional – Painting Details

To add additional detail to the Horizontal Pipe we installed in Stage 35, we can use chrome paint on the two ‘mounting bolts’, as shown.

I hand-brushed these ‘mounting bolts’ with Vallejo Model Air 71.064 Chrome Metallic acrylic paint, but any silver paint would work here:


We now have our second Wheel assembled and ready to install. However, keep it safe for now as we are moving on to the interior next.

Next Up

 Stage 38 – Passenger Footrest, Transmission Tunnel Rear Panel, Passenger Mat, Air Vents

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