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“In this stage you’ll install the coolant auxiliary reservoir, which stores the liquid pumped into the engine blocks and keeps them cool.”




Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic.


Installing the Coolant Auxiliary Reservoir

Step 1

Firmly press the two inner posts of the Coolant Auxiliary Reservoir (Front) into the same posts of the Coolant Auxiliary Reservoir (Back).

There is a round notch in the Coolant Auxiliary Reservoir (Front) that wraps around the ‘filler’ neck, this will make sure the tank is aligned correctly:

Step 2

Retrieve your Rear Frame assembly from the previous stage. Press the two main bottom pins of this Coolant Auxiliary Reservoir into the matching holes at this location on the Upper Frame.

The pin of the ‘hose’ from the Reservoir fits into a third hole on the right side of the Upper Frame:

Attaching the Fitting and Pipes

Step 3

Press the two holes of the Fitting onto the matching pins at this location of the Rear Frame:

Make sure this Fitting is orientated the correct way, as shown:

Step 4

NOTE: In Stage 37, the two ‘mounting bolt’ details of this Horizontal Pipe will be optionally painted silver. It may be easier for some builders to do it now before the part is installed. The choice is entirely up to you.

Press the two center pins of the Horizontal Pipe into the matching holes at this location on the right side of the Upper Frame:

Fit the pin at the rear of the Horizontal Pipe up into this hole at the rear underside of the Upper Frame:

Step 5

Push the thicker curved end of the Vertical Pipe into this hole at the right rear of the Rear Frame. The ‘bracket’ on this Vertical Pipe should be touching the Silencer Support Frame (arrow below), so you may need to rotate this Pipe into position:


As we continue to add details to this section of the model, it just keeps getting better and better!

Next Up

 Stage 36 – Tie Rods, Rear Suspension Anti-Roll Bar/Brackets

One thought on “STAGE 35”

  1. The vertical pipe in Step 5: WE never seem to connect the other end to anything? I’m at Stage 95, and it’s still left hanging? Is this another “Engine Support” part where we do nothing with it?

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