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“For the first stage of this Pack, you’ll fit the right rear brake discs onto its wheel hub. Take care with their parts, as there is a fragile metal pin on the inner brake caliper.”

This stage will be very similar to the first Rear Brake Disc we built and attached in the previous stage.

Also, you may notice that I will change the cutting mat that I am using for this build. I like to keep the different mat colors dedicated to a single build at a time and I was already using the white one for the Eleanor Mustang. Therefore, I will start using my grey mat for this build – it looks better anyway.



Materials: The pin in the Right Rear Brake Caliper (Inner) is metal, but the rest of these parts are plastic.

Assembly Guide (Digital Version – click to download)

Agora Models consolidates the build instructions for Pack 5 (Stages 34 – 42) into a single digital PDF file:


Fitting the Right Rear Brake Disc

Step 1

Fit the Right Rear Brake Disc (Outer) over the detailed side of the Right Rear Brake Disc (Inner) and firmly squeeze them together, as shown:

Step 2

Retrieve your Rear Frame assembly from the previous stage.  Fit the two holes of the Right Rear Brake Caliper (Inner) (with the metal pin) onto these pins of the Right Rear Wheel Hub.

As with the previous Rear Brake Caliper, I diverged from the instructions a bit and glued the two parts of this Caliper together first. This allowed me to make sure the small metal pin was aligned correctly:

Next, I slid the Brake Disc assembly into the Caliper, as shown:

Then, I fit this entire assembly onto the Right Rear Wheel Hub and pushed the two holes of the Brake Caliper assembly onto the matching pins. This takes a bit of patience and perhaps a flat-head screwdriver to help push the Caliper onto the pins. If needed, gently file away the paint on the pins or carefully enlarge the holes of the Caliper until it fits tightly on the Hub:


We now have both Rear Brake Discs installed and we can turn our focus to adding more details to the engine bay.

Next Up

 Stage 35 – Coolant Auxiliary Reservoir, Pipes, Fitting

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