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“In the last stage for this Pack you’ll fit the first of the brake discs onto the wheel hubs, starting with the left rear one. Take care with the parts, as there is a fragile metal pin on the inner brake caliper.”




Materials: The pin in the Left Rear Brake Caliper (Inner) is metal, but the rest of these parts are plastic.


Attaching the Left Rear Brake

Before we start this stage, I recommend rotating the Tie Rods to the vertical position, as shown. In the upcoming Stage 36, these Tie Rods will attach to the Rear Suspension Anti-Roll Bar that is located above the rear wheels.

Step 1

Fit the Left Rear Brake Disc (Outer) over the detailed side of the Left Rear Brake Disc (Inner) and firmly squeeze them together, as shown:

Step 2

Retrieve your Rear Frame assembly from the previous stage.  Fit the two holes of the Left Rear Brake Caliper (Inner) (with the metal pin) onto these pins of the Left Rear Wheel Hub.

The Left Rear Brake Caliper (Inner) is the one with the metal pin. Take care not to damage the pin during assembly:

If needed, gently file away the paint on the pins or carefully enlarge the holes of the Caliper until it fits tightly on the Hub:

Slide the Left Rear Brake Disc assembly over the post of the Wheel Hub:

Press the Left Rear Brake Caliper (Outer) onto the Left Rear Brake Caliper (Inner) aligning the posts and the small pin together.

On my model, these did not line up like I wanted them to, so I removed these parts and used super glue to secure the two Caliper halves together:

Once the glue set, I slid the Brake Disc assembly into the caliper, as shown:

Then, I slid the Brake Disc onto the Hub post and pressed the holes of the Rear Brake Caliper (Inner) onto the pins of the Hub:


I considered adding some extra color detailing to these brakes, but most of the pictures of real Miuras I found had silver coloring.

Next Up

 Stage 34 – Rear Right Brake Disc, Rear Right Brake Caliper

One thought on “STAGE 33”

  1. I had to glue my calipers together as well. On mine, the metal pin was bent too far in the opposite direction. I had to hold my breath as I slowly bent it back to where it would fit in the hole, which I had to drill out to completely fit the pin.

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