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“In this stage you’ll fit the exhaust manifolds onto the engine and make preparations to the rear frame for the next stage.”




Materials: The Silencer Support Plate is metal, but the Rear Exhaust Manifolds are plastic.


Attaching the Rear Exhaust Manifold

Step 1

Retrieve your Rear Frame/Engine assembly from the previous stage. Fit the six posts of the Rear Exhaust Manifolds into the matching holes on the rear of the Engine Base so the curved ends of the Manifolds faces downwards, as shown.

This will be a loose fit until it secured to the other exhaust components later on:

Preparing the Rear Frame for the Silencer Support Frame

Step 2

Agora Models recommends pre-threading the three holes at the rear of the Rear Frame. Pre-threading is done by carefully driving the appropriate screw into a hole about halfway, removing the screw and any metal shavings (swarf), and then driving the screw all the way in before removing it again. This should help the screw to create threads in the metal.

This is the exact reason I recommend using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal – it will thread the hole as we drive each screw in. Therefore, we will accomplish the same result when we attach this part in the next stage.


These customized exhaust Manifold (headers) helped the Lamborgini Miura engine to produce amazing power for its time period. Keep the Silencer Support Frame and the Type A screws nearby for use in the next issue.

Next Up

 Stage 30 – Front Exhaust Manifolds, Manifold Connection Pipe

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