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“Next you’ll install the left rear shock absorber. You can test it by pressing the two ends together.”




Materials: The Lower Suspension Arm is metal, the Tie Rod is plastic, and the Shock Absorber is a mix of both.


The Left Rear Lower Suspension Arm

Step 1

Retrieve your two Front Supports for Lower Suspension from Stage 24. Fit the left Front Support (check the picture below) to the thinner end of the Left Rear Lower Suspension Arm, aligning the through holes as shown:

Secure the Front Support to the Lower Suspension Arm with one (1) Type G screw from the side shown below.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 2

Retrieve your Rear Frame assembly from the previous stage. Fit this Lower Suspension Arm assembly to the left side of the Rear Frame, aligning the two ends of the Arm as shown:

Secure the Front Support to the Rear Frame with one (1) Type A screw:

Then, align the free end of the Lower Suspension Arm to the matching Rear Support and secure them together from this side with one (1) Type G screw:

The Left Rear Shock Absorber

Step 3

Fit the eyelet on the end of the Left Rear Shock Absorber with the silver ‘hat’ up through the left Upper Wishbone and over this matching post of the Rear Frame assembly (arrow below). The lower eyelet of the Shock Absorber will eventually be aligned inside the rounded tabs of the Lower Arm, as shown:

Secure the upper end of the Shock Absorber to the Rear Frame with one (1) Type A screw:

Step 4

Slide one (1) Type E screw through the end of the Tie Rod with the larger hole, as shown:

Then, use this screw/rod assembly to secure the lower end of the Shock Absorber to the Lower Suspension Arm, as shown.

Do not over-tighten this screw. The Tie Rod should be able to firmly rotate around the screw:


In my other vehicle partwork builds we have had to build the Shock Absorber, so it was really nice that this one was pre-assembled for us. The Shock Absorber also works and can be squeezed to compress the spring.

Next Up

 Stage 27 – Right Rear Shock Absorber, Right Rear Lower Suspension Arm, Tie Rod

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