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“In the final stage for this pack, you’ll begin to prepare the rear frame which will be used for mounting the engine and the rear suspension.”




Materials: Everything is metal in this stage.


The Rear Frame

Step 1

Align the two Back Supports for Lower Suspension to the Rear Frame so the fake ‘nuts’ are facing the widest part of the Rear Frame.

It is recommended to pre-thread the two holes we will be using in this stage (arrows below). To do this, dip the end of a Type A screw into some 3-in-One Oil and drive it into the hole to cut threads into the metal of the Rear Frame. Then, remove the screw and repeat this process for the other hole:

Step 2

Secure the Back Supports for Lower Suspension to the Rear Frame with two (2) Type A screws, one on each side as shown.

These screws need to be fully seated so the Back Supports do not wobble. If necessary, pre-thread the holes again. I have indicated the ‘fake’ nuts with arrows below – make sure these are facing the correct way:


Our first piece of the frame here is a nice solid chunk of metal. This section will support the engine assembly in a later stage. Keep the two unused Front Supports for Lower Suspension stored safely for now until they are needed in the next stage.

Next Up

 Stage 25 – Rear Arm Brackets, Rear Upper Wishbones, Internal Supports

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