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“Next you’ll install the oil pump and breather, along with the filler cap. The pump feeds fuel from the sump to the engine, while the
oil breather system catches oil suspended in the gases and stops pressure building up.”




Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic.


Oil Pump and Breather System

Step 1

Retrieve your Engine assembly from the previous stage. Firmly press the keyed post of the Oil Breather Separator Box into this matching keyed hole of the Cylinder Head (Right), as shown.

On my model, I needed to use my hobby knife to scrape the paint off the keyed post of this Oil Breather Separator Box so it would fit correctly:

Step 2

Press the pin of the Oil Pump into the matching post hole on the side of the Oil Breather Separator Box. There is a notch on the Oil Pump that lines up with a matching notch on the box, as shown:

Step 3

Firmly press the keyed pin of the Oil Filler Cap into the matching keyed hole of the Cylinder Head (Left), as shown:

Step 4

Fit the flanged end of the Oil Breather Pipe up into the hole on the bottom of the Oil Pump, and the other end into this small hole on the front of the Cylinder Head (Left), as shown:

And just like that, we have finished building the engine of our Lamborghini Miura!


With this stage now behind us, we have completed Pack 3 of this fantastic partwork build. I am still in awe of how amazing everything looks and especially this beautiful engine!

Next Up

 Stage 24 – Rear Frame, Front/Back Supports for Lower Suspension

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