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“You’ll now build the third carburettor, with the inlet manifolds mounted in the opposite direction to the previous ones, before installing it onto the right cylinder head at the end of this stage.”

In the US, we spell these parts as carburetor. However, for clarity in these stages, I will use the provided part names.



Materials: The Support Pins and the mesh of the Velocity Stacks are metal. The other parts are plastic.


NOTE: As we continue begin building our Miura’s V12 engine, refer to this image of the completed assemblies as needed to identify the various parts and attach them in the correct locations:

Right Carburettor (1)

Step 1

Slide the two Support Pins fully into these matching holes on top of the Carburettor:

Step 2

As with the previous two Carburettors, two of the Inlet Manifolds have two grooves on the bottom and one has only one groove. Slide the two Inlet Manifolds with the two grooves onto the outer posts at the bottom of the Carburettor.

However, unlike the previous Carburettors, the angled ends of the Inlet Manifolds should face away from the side of the Carburettor with the gold-colored part. Make sure these are fully seated so the grooves of the Inlet Manifolds rest up against the gold-colored pins of the Carburettor.

Then, slide the Inlet Manifold with the single groove onto the center post at the bottom of the Carburettor. Again, the angled end of the Inlet Manifold should face the same direction as the previous parts.

Make sure these Inlet Manifolds are facing the opposite direction from the Left Carburettors we already built:

Steps 3-4

As with the previous Shim Plates, I ‘painted’ the bolts on these with my Metallic Gold Sharpie:

Like before, slide the Shim Plates down onto each of the D-shaped ends of the Inlet Manifolds so the ‘bolt’ details are facing the Carburettor.

Gently press the round posts of the Velocity Stacks into the matching holes on top of the Carburettor, as shown. The metal mesh material of the Velocity Stacks is fragile, so do not press down on it – instead, use the edges of the part to seat it fully into place:

Step 5

Retrieve your Cylinder Head (Right) assembly from the previous stage. Press the pins of the Inlet Manifolds into the matching holes at this location on the Cylinder Head. Press evenly and make sure the Spark Plug Cables are behind the Inlet Manifolds.

This was not as easy as it sounds. Enough parts are able to wiggle around that aligning the pins of the Inlet Manifolds to the Cylinder Head holes and not trapping any Spark Plug Cables was quite tricky. I found that it was much simpler to just remove the Inlet Manifolds from the Carburettor and install them into the Cylinder Head first. I needed to make sure the Inlet Manifold with the single groove is in the center, as shown:

Then, I could align the posts on the bottom of the Carburettor to these Inlet Manifolds and press it down into place just fine:


We have finally installed our first set of Carburettors and they look fantastic! The fourth set of Carburettors will be assembled and installed in the next stage.

Next Up

 Stage 15 – Carburetor, Support Pins, Inlet Manifolds, Shim Plates, Velocity Stacks

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