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“For this stage you’ll fit the covers onto the right cylinder head, then attach side covers to both of the cylinder heads. You’ll need the left cylinder head assembled in the first stage of this pack, as well as the cam shaft covers from the previous stage.”




Materials: The Cylinder Head (Right) is metal, but the two Side Covers are plastic.


NOTE: As we continue begin building our Miura’s V12 engine, refer to this image of the completed assemblies as needed to identify the various parts and attach them in the correct locations:

Building the Right Cylinder Head

As with the previous Cylinder Head, I painted the inner manifold bolts on this one with my Artistro Black Acrylic Paint Pen. And to just get it out of the way now, I retrieved the two Cam Shaft Covers from the previous stage and slid the tabs of each into this Cylinder Head (Right):

Step 1

Press the two pins of a Cylinder Head Side Cover into the matching holes at this end of this Cylinder Head (Right), as shown. The pins are different sizes, so this part will only fit correctly one way:

Step 2

Retrieve your Cylinder Head (Left) from Stage 07. In the same way, press the two pins of the second Cylinder Head Side Cover into the matching holes at this end of the Cylinder Head (Left), as shown:


We now have both cylinder heads complete! On other builds like this one, I would have wanted to chrome the Cover Bolts and paint these Side Cover bolts myself, but this model came with them already done. I am loving the Miura!

Next Up

 Stage 10 – Distributors, Air Filter Box Conveyor/Cover/Screws

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