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“Next you will install sixteen cover bolts into the next set of covers ready for the right cylinder head.”




Materials: Everything is plastic in this stage.


NOTE: As we continue begin building our Miura’s V12 engine, refer to this image of the completed assemblies as needed to identify the various parts and attach them in the correct locations:

Installing Cover Bolts

Step 1

Carefully cut sixteen (16) Cover Bolts from the sprue.

I use sprue cutters or a sharp hobby knife when removing parts from sprues. Be sure to cut off these Cover Bolts at the right point, as shown. Four spare bolts are included just in case they are needed:

Step 2

Firmly press the long, smooth ends of these Cover Bolts into the matching holes on top of the two Cam Shaft Covers, as shown.

As before, I used tweezers to slide these Cover Bolts into each hole. You can twist these bolts into place, but be gentle as you could damage the chrome plating. If a hole seems too small, you may need to use the tip of a sharp hobby knife to open it up a bit. When installed correctly, the ‘hex head’ of each Cover Bolt should be visible:

As in the previous stage, I also glued these Cover Bolts in place:


This stage simply repeated the steps of the last stage, but using the second set of Cam Shaft Covers. These covers will be attached to the second Cylinder Head (Right) in the next stage, so keep them nearby.

Next Up

 Stage 09 – Right Cylinder Head/Side Covers

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