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“In this first stage for Pack 02, you’ll assemble the left cylinder head and install the covers onto it. The Lamborghini shield emblem
supplied will not be used in this pack, so can be stored away safely.”




Materials: The Cylinder Head (Left) is metal, but the other parts in this stage are plastic.


  • Tweezers

Assembly Guide (Digital Version – click to download)

Agora Models consolidates the build instructions for Pack 2 (Stages 7 – 15) into a single digital PDF file:


NOTE: Before we begin building this beautiful V12 engine of our 1:8 scale Lamborghini Miura from Agora Models, it is worth nothing that they have included a picture of the assembled cylinder head parts to show how they should look once completed. Please refer back to this image as needed to identify the various parts and attach them in the correct locations:

Building the Left Cylinder Head

Step 1

Carefully cut sixteen (16) Cover Bolts from the sprue.

I use sprue cutters or a sharp hobby knife when removing parts from sprues. Be sure to cut off these Cover Bolts at the right point, as shown. Four spare bolts are included just in case they are needed:

Step 2

Firmly press the long, smooth ends of these Cover Bolts into the matching holes on top of the two Cam Shaft Covers, as shown.

While the supplied tweezers will work for this, I used some hard plastic-tipped tweezers from my Tweezer Set as to not scratch any chrome plating off of the Cover Bolts. Most of these bolts slid in smoothly, but I did need to widen the holes for a few of them by rotating the tip of my hobby knife in the hole. When installed correctly, the ‘hex head’ of each Cover Bolt should be visible:

As a few of these Cover Bolts were slightly loose and I did not want to lose them, I put a small drop of super glue on the inside of each one:

Step 3

Slide the tabs of the Cam Shaft Cover (Right) into the Cylinder Head (Left) until it sits flush, as shown:

In the same way, slide the tabs of the Cam Shaft Cover (Left) into the Cylinder Head (Left) until it also sits flush:

This step completes our Cylinder Head (Left) assembly and so far it looks great! Based on pictures of the real Miura engine, I grabbed my Artistro Black Acrylic Paint Pen and painted the heads of these inner manifold bolts: 


It is small details such as these chromed Cover Bolts that truly make this model stand out! They were small and tricky to install, but thankfully extra bolts are provided just in case any of them ping off and disappear. Keep the unused Lamborghini Shield Emblem stored safely until we need it later in the build.

Next Up

 Stage 08 – Cam Shaft Covers, Cover Bolts

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