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“In this third stage you’ll begin assembling the dashboard by fitting the air vents, speedometer and tachometer.




Materials: The Seat is a hard rubber, while the rest of these parts are plastic.


Building the Dashboard

Step 1

Fit the Dashboard Top to the Dashboard Bottom as shown, and then begin securing these parts together with one (1) Type B screw:

Finish securing these parts together from the back with two (2) more Type B screws, one on each side:

Step 2

Place the Speedometer and Tachometer down into these circular recesses of the Dashboard Top, as shown.

Look at the detailing of these gauges! At the same time, take note of the two pins I have circled below:

Slide the Speedometer and Tachometer Body over the front of the Speedometer and Tachometer and towards the front of the Dashboard Top. The ‘rings’ of the Body have holes that fit over the pins noted above. The rear of the Body has square pegs that slide into matching slots of the Dashboard:

Ensure this Speedometer and Tachometer Body is fully seated, as shown:

Step 3

Press the two pins of an Air Vent into the matching holes at this left-side location of the Dashboard Top.

If this fitment seems tight, gently use a wooden toothpick (cocktail stick) to slightly widen the holes:

In the same way, press the pins of the other Air Vent into the matching holes at this right-side location of the Dashboard Top:

Step 4

Carefully remove the protective film from both sides of the two Speedometer and Tachometer Glass (lenses). Gently press each Glass down over the faces of the Speedometer and Tachometer, as shown.

These parts are held in by friction alone. When handling clear parts like this, I wear inexpensive vinyl gloves. This keeps any fingerprints off the plastic:

That step completes this stage. We did receive one the passenger side Seat with this stage, but it is not yet used in our build:


Once again, I am astonished by the detail of this build’s parts. Even the stitching of the ‘leather’ on the Dashboard is modeled. And, the Dashboard parts are not just black plastic, but covered in a soft rubber like texture! Quick Tip – I use an old toothbrush to keep soft surfaces like this clean. As for the Seat, it will not be needed for some time so keep it safely stored for now.

Next Up

 Stage 04 – Central Console/Instrument Panel, Instrument Dials/Glass/LED, Glove Compartment, Control Levers

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