As with any partwork model build that includes lighting, there is going to be wiring and this 1:8 scale Lamborghini Miura is no different. It actually contains a lot of wiring that has to be routed, connected, and tested.

I have collected a few helpful tips to share along the way:

  • Follow the colors – Wires have been known to have incorrect labels/markings, so pay attention to what goes where.
  • Polarity matters – LEDs are diodes and will only work with the correct flow of electricity. Be sure to check connection orientation.
  • Don’t pinch – Wires can easily be pinched between two pieces and cause a short, especially metal. Take care during assembly.
  • Seat the plugs – Make sure all connectors are fully seated in their sockets.

NOTE: The Circuit Board (PCB) itself is supplied in Stage 76.

Finally, I created this table to help managing the wiring as we complete this particular build:

1Indicator Switch Black Yellow46
2Horn Switch Black Blue46
3Accelerator Pedal Switch Black White44
4Speaker White Brown93
5Battery Compartment Switch White Red97
6Engine Sound Switch Black-42
7Instrument Panel LED White-04
8Dashboard LED White Yellow46
9Left Headlight LED White Orange79
10Right Headlight LED White Orange79
11Left Tail Light LED White Black89
12Right Tail Light LED White Black90
13Brake Pedal Switch Black Green44
14Left Door Switch White-05
15Right Door Switch White Blue52
16Interior Light White Red49