During the build of the Agora Models 1:8 scale Lamborghini Miura we will install hundreds of parts and screws. I thought it would be interesting to put a page together that tracked the number of parts and screws supplied in each stage. I have included ‘running totals’ as well.

NOTE: These numbers are for the stock build and do not include tools, spare screws, or any changes because of mods.

StageGeneral ContentsPartsRunning TotalScrewsRunning Total
01Left Door, Steering Wheel6600
02Left Window Glass, Wheel/Rim41022
03Dashboard, Passenger Seat91935
04Central Console, Glove Compartment143349
05Left Door Panel, Light Switch639817
06Left Door Cladding544118
07Left Cylinder Head, Cam Shaft Covers2064018
08Cam Shaft Covers1882018
09Right Cylinder Head, Side Covers385018
10Distributors, Air Filter Box792220
11Carburetor, Inlet Manifolds, Velocity Stacks12104020
12Carburetor, Inlet Manifolds, Velocity Stacks12116020
13Distributor Cap, Spark Plug Wires16132020
14Carburetor, Inlet Manifolds, Velocity Stacks12144020
15Carburetor, Inlet Manifolds, Velocity Stacks12156020
16Air Filter Box, Petrol Pipes9165020
17Engine Base1166424
19Crankcase Cover/Oil Sump3175434
20Alternator, Engine Support6181135
22Engine Accessories8195035
23Oil Pump, Cap, Pipe4199035
24Rear Frame, Supports5204237
25Rear Upper Suspension6210643
26Left Rear Lower Suspension3213548
27Right Rear Lower Suspension3216553
28Drive Shafts, Rear Wheel Hubs6222861
29Rear Exhaust Manifold, Support Plate2224364
30Front Exhaust Manifolds3227266
31Exhaust Silencers5232470
32Upper Frame, Fuel Filter3235474
33Left Rear Brake Disc4239074
34Right Rear Brake Disc4243074
35Coolant Auxiliary Reservoir5248074
36Tie Rods, Rear Anti-Roll Bar5253074
38Transmission Tunnel Panel, Footrest/Mats, Vents5260074
39Cockpit Floor1261074
40Transmission Tunnel, Side Cover, Vents4265074
41Headrests, Mat, Rear Lever/Knob4269478
42Central Console, Engine Switch, Key, Knob4273280
43Gear Lever/Grid, Ashtray, Handles5278080
44Pedals/Switches, Footrest, Lighter9287282
45Driver Seat1288486
46Steering Column, Switches/LED8296490
47Glass Frames, Roof Panel, Switch Console4300090
48Central Bodywork1301090
49Interior Light, Sun Visors, Rearview Mirror9310595
50Right Door, Hinge/Bracket/Lock/Handle5315297
51Right Door Glass33183100
52Right Door Panel43225105
53Rear Window/Firewall173396111
55Front Frame Cover, Steering Column33503114
56Front Frame13513117
57Steering Rack73584121
59Crossbar, Washer Tank, Horn Pump43672123
60Front Left Lower Suspension43717129
61Front Right Lower Suspension43757135
62Front Left Upper Suspension43792137
63Front Right Upper Suspension43832139
64Front Left Brake Disc/Caliper43870139
65Front Wheel Hubs43914143
66Front Right Brake Disc/Caliper43950143
67Front Crossbar, Fuse Box, Relay Box43992145
68Tank Tube, Master Cylinders74062147
69Lower Radiator, Cooling Fan34090147
70Upper Radiator, Cooling Fan34124151
71Radiator Pipes/Tie Rods44160151
72Firewall Details64220151
73Firewall Details64280151
74Spare Tire/Wheel34312153
75Fuel Pumps, Plates, Tubes134440153
76Upper Tie Rods, PCB, Steering Joint444811164
77Bonnet Bulkhead/Crossbars44524168
78Bonnet Frame, Supports, Plates54574172
80Front Body14672178
81Bonnet Brackets/Hinges84756184
82Left Front Wheel Arch44792186
83Right Front Wheel Arch44835191
84Front Grille24854195
85Bonnet Grilles74920195
87Boot Lid/Hinges54990195
88Rear Body15002197
89Body Bulkheads/Left Brake Light55056203
90Right Brake/License Plate Lights85134207
91Rear Grille/License Plate45172209
92Boot Compartment, Tail Lights75248217
93Boot Cover, Speaker, Hinge45284221
94Rear Structure/Window Grille25304225
95Rear Wheel Arches25328233
96Wheel/Rim, Hub Caps, Logos85404237
97Bottom Panel, Battery Box45445242
98Side Skirts, Tailpipes45480242
99Windscreen, Badge245720242
100Front Plate, Wipers, Washer Nozzles, Badges215938250